A day to reflect upon the future of our movement

Today is May Day – International Workers Day – where we as a movement set aside time to remember the struggles of those who have come before us- and those fighting for their rights around the world.

We celebrate a movement that fought for democracy and the rights we enjoy at home and in the workplace, decent education and changed our country into a fairer and more decent place.

Yet it’s also a day to reflect upon the future of our movement too.

Trade unions and working people – especially in the public sector – have faced an onslaught in recent years. UNISON members are amongst the people hit hardest by wave after wave of endless and failing austerity. And the Trade Union Bill – albeit significantly weakened – still cracks down on our rights, a further burden on working people and their representation.

And yet, despite everything, our union and our movement endures. Against all the odds UNISON is growing, still fighting for public sector workers, still delivering for our members when you need us most and still having the nationwide impact many thought we’d lose.

Our strength is down to our members, activists and staff who have all worked tirelessly to ensure that – even in these dark and difficult times – our union has a promising future.

Happy May Day everyone. And enjoy the hard won bank holiday tomorrow.