Npower needs to get its act together

No-one deserves to hear that their job might be at risk when they’re at home with their family at the weekend.

But that was the reality for many Npower workers this weekend who heard about changes at their company the way the rest of the country did – through alarming news stories.

Npower has been in trouble for some time thanks to poor decision-making at the very top, and workers are now paying the price. And the company’s failure to invest properly in new systems has left it with one of the worst customer service records in the business.

This news suggests that Npower’s German owners aren’t terribly committed to their UK operations. Cutting a fifth of the workforce will leave the already struggling business in an even worse state.

Now months of uncertainly lie ahead for a workforce whose morale is already at rock bottom.

UNISON will do whatever we can for those Npower workers whose jobs are on the line. Unfortunately their employers haven’t done likewise.

We are asking for urgent talks and we are seeking to influence the parent company RWE through our European links.

It’s time for things to change – and for the business to get its act together.