The Importance of Women Health and Safety Representatives

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2023 National Women's Conference
13 October 2022

“UNISON has approximately 5,000 Health and Safety representatives across the union working hard to defend members’ health and safety at work.

Over the past few years health and safety has emerged again as critical for protecting members’ rights at work. However, the gender balance of Health and Safety representatives in UNISON does not reflect the gender balance of our union.

Women’s health and safety is never more important – whether it is advising on maternity rights, menopause, women’s safety equipment, or areas where there is a traditional bias towards female working – we need women representing women.

Therefore, we call on the National Women’s Committee to:

• Work with the National Health and Safety Forum to emphasise the key issues for women in the workplace;

• Work with the National Health and Safety Forum, and any other relevant body, to encourage women to become health and safety representatives.