Cost of Living and Tory Myths

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2023 National Women's Conference
13 October 2022

Conference we are living in dangerous and difficult times for workers, for our members and specifically our women members. The basic necessities of life – food and heating are increasing at alarming rates. As a majority women members union,

we are fighting to prevent pay awards becoming pay cuts.

Whilst its true that this will impact on most, if not all, members it is the lowest paid who will be hardest hit. That is our women members, home carers, hospital cleaners, teaching assistants as examples. Because of rising prices and the soaring cost of living they are all facing a massive pay cut.

In this climate we expect our government to bring forward plans that support our low paid women members, but what is being done – nothing to help us conference. Only actions that will help the already rich, we’ve already seen the scrapping of the higher tax band – only to see successful opposition reverse that greedy Tory plan.

The same that happened with PPE is happening now – while our low paid women members face ever mounting bills, forcing decisions on eating or heating, CEO and energy shareholders are raking it in.

Tory minister after Tory minster is blaming the rising cost of living on

– the war in Ukraine

– or covid aftermath

– or workers striking for better pay

But we know that this is not the case. Other countries in Europe that have been affected have put in polices to help cushion the rising costs, yet the Tory government is using every excuse but the truth which is GREED.

We instruct the national womens committee to

1)liaise with appropriate bodies to continue to launch a campaign setting out the real reasons for the cost of living crisis our women members are experiencing.

2. To work with labour link and other appropriate organisations to campaign for in work benefits to increase in line with inflation