Promote UNISON as the union for Higher Education Professional Support Staff

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2023 National Higher Education Conference
12 October 2022

Higher Education professional support staff across the country provide a vital service to our universities and students by carrying out hugely varied roles across our Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), though too often this work is not given the recognition it deserves by employers.

UNISON has a brilliant membership benefits package. There are opportunities to promote Higher Education more visibly both internally and externally. UNISON have had success in focusing communications, training and other benefits on specific service groups or worker groups such as schools and health care. It’s time to make clear UNISON is the union for Higher Education staff.

Conference recognises the need for branded materials aimed specifically at Higher Education workers and targeted information about the benefits of being in UNISON for university staff, to assist our branches with recruitment and organising priorities.

A refresh of the UNISON web page for Higher Education would be welcomed by conference to make key information more accessible for existing and potential future UNISON members.

Conference calls on the Service Group Executive to:-

1) Work with national office to produce specific Higher Education focussed leaflets and materials;

2)Consider how best to update the Higher Education pages on the National Website;

3)Work with the Learning and Organising Service (LAOS) on producing specific Higher Education learning opportunities and;

4) Work with regions and branches to build a campaign to promote UNISON as the union for Higher Education professional support staff.