A Voice for Part Time Workers

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2022 Virtual National Women's Conference
15 October 2021

A Voice for Women Part time Workers

Information on UNISON’s website about part-time working states that, ‘Nearly half of UNISON’s members work part-time and the majority of them are women’.

Conference this should give these part time women members a loud and clear directive to be included within the very structures of Unison.

Not all part-time workers are low paid members which is often the mistake that is made. This union is 80% women workers and we need to reflect this in all aspects when we talk about roles our lay members do and ensure their voices are not silent as reflected by this union’s membership.

Society’s acceptance of part-time workers majority of them women, it always appears that reduced working hour’s fall at the feet of the woman. Gender roles and the pressure to conform to these roles for women can vary across regions, religions and households. Both women & men report that the biggest barrier for women in paid work is the struggle to balance it with family responsibility but women still shoulder the brunt of this often invisible and undervalued workload.

Part-time women workers have identified that one biggest barriers for them is not feeling fully part of the team in their workplace. Conference we don’t need to reflect this barrier in our lay part time workers membership structures they should be recognised and their voices and visibility heard equally. As stated part time workers make up nearly half of our membership

We call on the National Women’s committee

1) To do a survey of part time workers to reflect women members, job role and activism roles and

the barriers and constraints that face them being or becoming an activist.

2) To review and collate information on how many part time women hold branch, region and national seats across all structures within our union

3) To report back to National women’s Conference 2023 on progress and outcome of this review