Hybrid working good or bad or a 3-tier workforce?

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2022 Water, Environment & Transport Conference
9 February 2022

Water, Environment & Transport Conference 2022 notes that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic some employers have introduced “hybrid working” arrangements for some of its employees. This is not to be confused with the right to apply for flexible working!

Some of our members see hybrid working as a benefit as this gives the members additional work life balance and assists carer responsibilities.

However, we need to be aware that hybrid working arrangements haven’t been given to all UNISON members, for example operational or contact centre members, in some cases effectively introducing a 3 tier workforce.

UNISON calls on the WET SGE to survey branches to understand the extent of hybrid working within the WET Service Group to understand if branches have negotiated specific policies and issue appropriate guidance to branches to enable them to effectively support all UNISON members via best practice.