Dumping of sewage by Water Companies in watercourses

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2022 Water, Environment & Transport Conference
14 February 2022

Water, Environment & Transport Conference 2022 is appalled by the regular dumping of raw sewage in watercourses by Water Companies.

Conference welcomes the recent fine of £90m to Southern Water for totally unnecessary pollution of beaches in the South of England and hopes this will act as a deterrent for other Water Companies to do likewise.

Former lead singer of the Undertones, Feargal Sharkey has now rebranded himself as an environmental campaigner highlighting this issue which has an adverse effect on wild swimmers and river wildlife.

Other Water Companies have also been guilty of raw sewage discharges and UNISON believes this will continue until the farcical self-regulation of Water Companies is stopped.

We call upon the WET SGE to work with all regulators and the opposition political parties to the current Government to try and embarrass them into yet another U turn on this issue to stop this disgusting activity.