Beyond Covid – Building a Better Future

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2022 Local Government Service Group Conference
18 February 2022

In March 2020 thousands of workers across the UK adapted to a new way of working by taking into their own homes the employers’ equipment in order for services to continue. Our frontline workers such as social care and care at home staff have continued to provide vital and lifesaving care to their clients, whilst maintaining a safe environment. We should recognise the brilliant response from our members in environmental health/trading standards, registration, housing, schools/early years, social work, committee services, culture/leisure, business support, finance staff and many more across our employer groupings – far too many to mention.

Many of our members also supported the work in childcare hubs, meal/medication distribution to our community, grants, business payments etc.- a lifeline for many. Some of your branch officers also participated in the community work alongside our members.

Wellbeing concerns of our members during the pandemic have highlighted the potential for significant rises in reporting of poor mental health. UNISON Renfrewshire considered ways in which we could support our members beyond normal representation and assistance. The branch decided to purchase a mobile home which is available to members at significantly affordable rates or through our local welfare fund.

UNISON at national, regional and branch level fought for local government workers throughout the pandemic -demanding PPE, support and action for groups worst affected. This has included taking difficult and challenging decisions around guidance, health & safety and campaigning

This motion calls on the Local Government Service Group Executive to:

1)Establish a Covid legacy that “Rewards, Recognises and Respects” our members for the valuable work they do. This includes pay, terms & conditions and pensions;

2)Proper evaluation of home and hybrid working arrangements across our services and ensure we negotiate new working practice guidance that also addresses health & safety and remuneration;

3)A workers’ charter that recognises our members as first responders and establishes new and innovative “rights”.