Unlocking the Potential of all in the Energy Industry

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2022 Energy Service Group Conference
18 February 2022

Conference notes that energy employers have reported many difficulties in recruiting into a wide range of roles within the energy sector. It is also known that in some parts of the sector the workforce is ageing, and more workers are retiring than being replaced. This is adding to workforce fatigue and an over reliance on excess overtime to plug the gaps.

It has also been known for some time that working in the energy sector is not seen as being the attractive destination that it once was and that it is competing alongside many other areas of employment that have greater success in securing new workers.

It has been estimated that some 400,000 new jobs are required in the sector if the energy industry is going to be able to meet its Net Zero obligations. This is significant number of people that the sector has to attract when it is also competing with other sectors for workers.

To ensure the UK can meets its climate change obligations energy employers will not only need to do more to recruit and retain workers it will also need to do much more to unlock the potential of all its workforce and bring diversity and inclusion to the heart of its ambition.

This Conference therefore calls on the Energy SGE to:

1. Work with the UNISON self-organised groups to develop a charter that can be used by UNISON reps to engage with employers to develop plans to encourage new workers to enter the industry but also encourage those in customer service roles to progress their career into operational roles linked to net zero.

2. Build on last years energy conference motion on ‘celebrating women in energy’ to ensure we promote the role women play in the energy system and recognise more needs to be done by employers to ensure policies support the development of women.