Changes in National Grid

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2022 Energy Service Group Conference
22 February 2022

This energy service group Conference notes that significant changes are happening within National Grid that will impact UNISON members who work for the company. These changes include the purchase of WPD (western power distribution) the disposal of its Gas Transmission business and the possible disposal of the electricity system operator function.

As a result of the strategic role that National Grid plays in the energy system in the UK these changes are of significance in how the UK will meet its net zero obligations and how the sector will continue to employ energy workers on decent terms and conditions into the future.

It is therefore important that UNISON nationally continues to support our work as the enlarged National Grid including WPD and with the employer and future employers of the Gas Transmission business and the Electricity System Operator.

We therefore call on the Energy SGE to

1. Ensure that the changes referenced in the body of the motion are responded too and supported by UNISON nationally within its own lay structures so that the changes do not have a negative impact

2. That the National Grid sector continues to receive the level of support it does presently to enable it to manage the transition with the incorporation of WPD and remain a vibrant and strong national sector committee

3. That when it is clear how the Gas Transmission and Electricity System Operator businesses will function, UNISON continues to offer national support to these nationally important entities to ensure we are well placed to grow membership and adjust to the new future in whatever shape that takes.