Fair Pay for all Social Care Workers

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2022 Community Conference and Seminar
25 November 2021

In 2020 the Scottish Government commissioned Derek Feely to review adult social care services in Scotland. Following on from Feely’s report the Scottish Government published plans for the introduction of a National Care Service (NCS) in autumn 2021 but widened this out to adult and children’s social work and social care, including: alcohol and drug services; mental health services; community justice services and prison social care; and all community health services including general practice (GPs).

UNISON Scotland welcomes the planned introduction of a NCS, as long as conditions around sectoral bargaining, ethical commissioning, Fair Work, standards of training & development, as well as ensuring service users voice and needs shape services, are included in the plans for a NCS.

Across the UK social care is facing a funding and staffing crisis, with pay, terms and conditions often cited as reasons for staff leaving care. In autumn of 2021, to help recruitment in social care, the Scottish Government announced an increase in pay for social care workers of £10.02 but only for those working in adult social care services. We do not understand why this was not extended to all social care workers in Scotland.

In order to help address the staffing crisis across all of social care, we ask the Service Group Executive to campaign to have all social care workers, in Scotland, paid at least this minimum rate and to campaign across the rest of the UK for social care services to introduce minimum standards in pay, terms and conditions, training, with a view to have social care workers on same/similar contracts to NHS staff