Contractual Sick Pay Campaign

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2022 Community Conference and Seminar
26 November 2021

Conference recognises the huge efforts made right across our region to protect and safeguard our members during the Covid-19 pandemic – this mobilisation was particularly evident when as a region we collectively demanded sufficient protections for our members in the event they were off work due to any Covid-19 related absence.

This was no more evident when as a fighting lay membership led trade union we successfully ensured that some of our members received full pay in the event they had to take time off work due to Covid-19.

Unfortunately, not all UNISON members received such a protection, leaving them facing untold hardships and additional struggles during the ongoing public health emergency.

During these unprecedented times, the UNISON membership service, There for You, stepped in and supported the most at risk and vulnerable, with pressures and demands on the There for You service, on the increase.

Conference recognises that frontline workers, UNISON members, who work within the community and voluntary Sector, face particular challenges due to substandard contracts of employment, with no contractual sick pay being a huge issue of concern which leaves our members in a precarious position, with their livelihoods at risk.

Conference calls on the Community Service Group Executive to –

1. Launch a campaign across the community and voluntary sector, calling for contractual sick pay to be incorporated into all contracts of employment.

2. Work with the NEC, Service Groups, Labour Link and other stakeholders including lobbying political parties in positions of power in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Cymru/Wales and England to highlight issues affecting our members, specifically the absence of contractual sick pay allowances and wider substandard terms and conditions of employment, across the Community and Voluntary sector.

Subsequently, working together towards a solution – addressing this unacceptable workplace issue once and for all.