Young workers and quality job: development and progression

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2021 National Young Members' Conference
12 August 2021

Conference notes the shocking figures reported in April 2021 showing that of those who lost their jobs during the pandemic, almost 80% were aged under 35.

Conference further notes the July 2020 study by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) which found that “the COVID-19 pandemic has severely dented the career prospects of young people and threatens to have a prolonged negative economic impact on them as a result”.

Conference believes that young workers must not pay the price for the pandemic and that fighting to preserve high quality jobs with training and progression accessible to young workers must be a priority during the recovery from the pandemic.

Conference asks the National Young Members’ Forum (NYMF) to:

1.Work with UNISON’s Service Groups to support and promote bargaining over quality apprenticeships, training programmes, and internal development schemes;

2.Work with UNISON’s Learning and Organising Services (LAOS) to promote UNISON’s own resources for young workers seeking development and promotion;

3.Work with Regional Young Members’ Forums to promote the UNISON Young Workers Charter and encourage employers to sign up to it.