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2021 Virtual Retired Members Conference
29 June 2021
Carried as Amended

The past year, particularly for pensioners, has been incredibly difficult.

In its report entitled ‘As if expendable’, Amnesty International claims that during the first three months of the pandemic, thousands of pensioners died due to government incompetence. Free TV licences were withdrawn for most of those of 75 plus years, the triple lock protection on the state pension was treated by some in Parliament and the media as a plaything to be continually challenged. Worst of all, the ten years of austerity continues, with public services being continually reduced or removed, implementation of which particularly affects pensioners.

We looked to our regional and national committees for leadership to oppose this endless attack on our rights and found none. Instead, it was the National Pensioners Convention and the TUC who offered guidance and information and initiated many responses to the onslaught, which we followed with enthusiasm.

Conference instructs the National Retired Members Committee and calls on the National Executive Council:-

To review its lack of leadership during a year when so many aspects of pensioners’ lives were either under attack or diminished, not least in some cases the right to life itself.

Consider how their response to these and other similar ongoing issues can be improved and report back to the membership by 1st May 2022, International Workers Day.