Gender Pay Gap

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2020 National Women's Conference
23 October 2019

Conference notes that a quarter of companies and public sector bodies still have a pay gap of more than 20% in favour of men.Almost 8 in 10 companies still pay male employees more. The 9,961 companies that filed their figures by the 4 April 2019, 7,755 paid male employees more.The regulations are not tough enough; companies are filing their information and not doing anything to close the pay gap. This is 2020 and this is still happening.Whilst this has improved since 2017 it has not improved enough. Organisations, where a pay gap exists, need to level women’s pay up and agree with their workers’ unions how this will be implemented.Conference asks the National Women’s Committee to:1)Raise this issue at all levels in UNISON to produce a Gender Pay Equality Charter that enables organisations to commit to the elimination of gender pay inequality by a stated deadline by carrying out specific stated actions to level up pay2)Request the creation of guidance for negotiators that all pay claims must seek to level women’s pay up and that employers� offers must be subjected to an gender equality impact assessment by the relevant regional or national Service Group Executive.3)Consider sending this motion suitably reworded to National Delegate Conference.