Equal Pay

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2020 National Women's Conference
21 October 2019

“This Conference notes:2020 is the 50th Anniversary of the introduction of The Equal Pay Act.Conference celebrates the successes of UNISON in using the legislation to achieve equal pay for large numbers of its low paid women members, in particular those in local government. Conference welcomes that in 2017 the Government introduced compulsory gender pay gap reporting for employers with 250 or more staff and that the Equality and Human Rights Commission was able to achieve 100% compliance with this legislation in 2019. However, despite Equal Pay legislation being in place for half a century the gender pay gap for full-time workers still stands at 13.7%. The gender pay gap is wider in the private sector at 17.1% and is as wide as 39.3% in arts, entertainment and recreation. The gender pay gap in the public sector remains stagnant at 14%.Furthermore, despite the introduction of the compulsory gender pay reporting only a handful of organisations have clear strategies on how to address their gender pay gaps.Conference calls upon the National Women�s Committee to:1)Work with the NEC and service groups to raise the profile of Equal Pay and the gender pay gap in the work of the union.2) Work with the NEC and service groups to develop a tool kit of resources to enable branches and regions to identify target employers with gender pay gaps.3)Work with LAOS to develop training materials for branches and regions on equal pay and the gender pay gap.”