Widen Windrush � descendants and families belong too.

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2020 National Black Members' Conference
21 September 2019

The Widen Windrush campaign was initiated by the Movement for Justice, and supported by at least 17 MP�s including Janet Daby MP, Eleanor Smith MP and David Lammy MP. National Black Members and National Delegates Conference of 2018 both also agreed policy supporting this campaign as part of the fight for Windrush justice.

The campaign is seeking to shine a light on, and redress, the injustice of excluding descendants and relatives of the generations who rebuilt Britain. A simple amendment to the Windrush Scheme would give the security of papers to people connected to the Windrush generation, who were often left behind as children with an expectation of being reunited later, before new immigration laws cut to bits the access rights of British Commonwealth Subjects, leaving them in virtual exile from their relatives.

As time passes and the publicity around the Windrush Scandal subsides many people impacted are still suffering. Many people also may not realise that there is action they could take, and a campaign fighting for them.

Conference calls for the National Black Members Committee to:

1) Dedicate an edition of Black Action or make a special edition, to promote the Widen Windrush campaign, and explain clearly who may have a �widen Windrush� case.This edition of Black Action should also explore the breadth of who can apply and for what reasons, and set out what help UNISON can offer to those trying to make a claim through the compensation scheme,

2) Identify who in UNISON is championing the issues surrounding all questions of Windrush Justice and how regions and branches can refer cases of members and members partners or families who may have cases in either the �Widen Windrush� category, or need help with the compensation scheme.

3) Campaign for a lengthy extension of the compensation scheme for at least the length of time the PPI compensation scheme was given.