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2019 National Women's Conference
22 October 2018
Carried as Amended

Conference, we are deeply disturbed by the rise in transphobia towards trans women during and following the recent consultation regarding the Gender Recognition Act (GRA). Whilst we recognise everyone is entitled to their own view, hate must not infiltrate our union.

Conference welcomes the UNISON stance of supporting self-identification, but much work is still needed with women to accept that trans women who self identify are women and should be accepted, included and welcome in our union.

There are a number of anti-trans groups who are spreading hate around the issues of the GRA and self identification and this is creeping into our Women’s Committees by means of leaflets. The vitriol being targeted at trans women carries the transphobic messages that one cannot be a feminist and a trans ally and that trans women specifically threaten women only spaces, or that trans women cannot identify as lesbians.

Trans women ARE women. There is no evidence to suggest that trans women transition in order to gain access to women’s safe spaces.

Conference calls upon National Women’s Committee to:-

A) Work with the National LGBT Committee on eradicating transphobia within UNISON.

B) Work with the National LGBT Committee to promote the ’How to be a good trans ally’ leaflet across all branches.

C) Distribute the UNISON model Trans Equality Policy to all Regional Women’s Committees and Branch Women’s Officers to ensure support for our trans sisters is disseminated throughout the women’s network of UNISON.

D) Work with the National LGBT Committee in order to educate all women in terms of the trans community and the hate they face and to ensure that all trans women members are aware of the support that is available to them.