Race Religion and Belief a new strategy

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2019 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
16 May 2019

There is now more than ever a need for our service group to refresh its strategy on Race Religion and Belief. The representation of BAME members in branches, regions and national bodies is woefully poor. UNISON operates a system of self-organised groups for Women, Black members, Disabled members and LGBT members. This system is well established within UNISON, but are we making best use of it?

Our levels of representation should reflect the membership and we should be ensuring that Self-Organised Groups (SOGs) are given a voice throughout our structures. How are we to challenge discrimination if our own structures are disproportionate? We need to be engaging, encouraging and supportive of BAME activists within our service group. It is high time that we develop a service group wide strategy of inclusion, mentoring and support for BAME members.

Conference calls on the Service Group Executive (SGE) to:

1)Contact all Police and Justice Branches to determine the racial profile of the branch membership and its activist base;

2)Monitor demographic information collected at (1) above on an annual basis to identify trends and movement;

3)Seek guidance and support from UNISON Black members SOG;

4)Provide information and advice to enable branches to encourage positive action in the recruitment of activists;

5)Develop a Service group wide strategy to increase representation from BAME members.