Custody – Is it Time for a Detention Officer to Cell Capacity Ratio?

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2019 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
7 June 2019

Conference will recognise the devastating impact on staffing levels in the police service as a result of Austerity led reductions in funding to the service.

Many cell blocks have been closed and staff made redundant or not replaced when they leave to save money. As a result, our members in Custody are often being forced to work in departments with less staff and more demand; causing risks to their physical and mental wellbeing and an inability to properly provide care for those detained.

Without suggested or mandated detention officer to cell ratios, forces will continue to roll the dice with our members by failing to staff custody suites at reasonable levels.

Conference calls on the SGE to:

1)Survey all Branches to know minimum and maximum cell to detention office staffing;

2)Highlight the findings and seek to provide guidance on safe staffing levels;

3)Where possible, share information with the Police Staff Council, NPCC, APCC and College of Policing;

4)And report the findings to the members of the service group.