Career progression for Police Staff

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2019 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
7 June 2019

In the recent survey that UNISON undertook into wellbeing amongst Police Staff nearly 80% of respondents said that they had no defined career structure. Conference rightly agrees that this is unacceptable to both the individual staff members and also the forces. Forces need to work harder to retain talented and hardworking police staff.

Conference also notes that promoting further workforce modernisation is a strategy for retaining and potentially growing police staff jobs.

In order to facilitate better career development and opportunities for police staff, conference asks the Service Group Executive (SGE) to:

1)Produce a report on workforce modernisation to help branches negotiate with their employers, which should highlight best practice around the country and also highlight areas for ambitious opportunity.

2)Work with branches to develop an organising and bargaining agenda that focusses on training, development and career progression for Police staff in order to provide better value for money and improve the service to the public.

3)Work with the College of Policing to map existing training for police staff investigators and to explore new opportunities for training that would allow for further workforce modernisation.

4)Link in with UNISON’s national ‘Money well spent’ campaign and work towards a day of action specifically to promote Police staff and begin to change the current narrative.

5)Request that equality impact assessments are conducted for any new development opportunities to ensure they are in line with UNISON’s equality agenda, with a view that workforce modernisation plans should improve opportunities for underrepresented groups.