Income generation

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2019 Local Government Service Group Conference
21 February 2019

As part of UNISON’s campaign against austerity cuts, UNISON Renfrewshire has been working on a project of income generation and job creation to improve services for the local community.

The first part of the project, the creation of resident’s funeral scheme, has been approved by Renfrewshire council. This scheme would reduce the average cost of a funeral for local residents by as much as £1900.00.

The second part of the project is looking at a capital programme to build a publicly owned crematorium and associated funeral services. It is estimated that this could potentially create 40 jobs and generate a 50% return for the local authority.

This initiative will also require the local economy to respond positively as there is a potential gain for them in terms of associated business.

This conference encourages the SGE, regions and branches to:

1)Fully investigate possible income generation schemes.

2)Resource feasibility studies and work alongside the employers to develop initiatives.

3)Work alongside organisations such as APSE (Association for Public Sector Excellence) who can assist in research and development of ideas.

4)Work with representatives of local communities to seek their involvement and input.

5)Recognise that different arrangements for governance are in place across the UK and ensure that full consideration is given to the devolution protocol.