Making the Bi Network More Inclusive

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2019 National LGBT+ Conference
25 July 2019

Conference notes and embraces the strides that UNISON has taken in the establishment of a now thriving bi network within the union.

Conference also welcomes the addition of the plus to our group, which demonstrates our commitment to the inclusion of our siblings who use different labels for themselves, including those who identify as pansexual or polysexual, who we would consider to be part of our inclusive bi umbrella.

In order to embrace the expansion of our network and to cement the breadth of the bisexual umbrella, Conference calls on the National Lesbian, Gay Bisexual, Transgender Plus (LGBT+) Committee to:

1)Make the plus (+) meaningful by:

a)Renaming the Bi Network to Bi+ Network

b)Considering the following topics for articles to be published in Out in UNISON, the LGBT+ e-bulletin and any other places we can use:

c)A Beginners Guide to the Plus (+)

ii. The Bi+ Network: Who We Are, What We Do and Who Is Welcome

iii. Advertising and promotion of all future events for the Bi+ Network

iv. Appropriate reminders to sign up to email groups and e-bulletins

2. Send information out about the Bi+ Network to all regional LGBT+ committees and ask them to promote us to their members and on their stalls and in their communications

3. Send details of future events for the Bi+ Network to all Branch Equality Officers, Branch LGBT+ Officers, Branch Communication Officers and Branch Secretaries

4. Urge all branches to encourage bi+ members to join the Bi+ Network and attend the network meetings