LGBT+ Ally Training

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2019 National LGBT+ Conference
22 July 2019

Conference, it is no secret that LGBT+, people have a worse experience at work than people who identify as cis-gender and heterosexual.

The Government Equalities Office in 2018 stated that 23% of respondents to their survey had experienced negative reactions from people in their workplace due to being, or the perception of them being, LGBT+.

77% of those respondents stated that the most serious of incidents went unreported, primarily because they thought it wouldn’t be worth it, nothing would change.

The many barriers to challenging discriminatory behaviour usually stem from a lack of information, education, support and firm policies in our workplaces.

We note the fantastic work done by UNISON on the ‘How to be a good Trans Ally’ document and wish to build on this.

We feel it is important to have workplace allies for all LGBT+ identities, particularly in those branches where there is no branch elected LGBT+ representative to champion our cause.

We believe the way to do this is through education.

Stonewall deliver a one-day Allies programme which gives non-LGBT individuals the opportunity to explore what it means to be an ally and the space to identify how they are going to create an inclusive environment for everyone.

Conference is calling on the National LGBT+ Committee to work with the Learning and Organising Services to develop our own UNISON LGBT+ Ally training and support programme.

As a starter for ten and taking inspiration from Stonewall, we suggest the training should include:

• Insight into what it means to be yourself

• Understanding of what it means to be an ally and why it’s important to have visible and active allies in the workplace

• Practical ways to step up as an ally

• Opportunities to explore and develop inclusive behaviours and approaches

• Active listening skills and techniques for having good-quality conversations

• Increased motivation and confidence to become a visible and influential ally

• A network of peers from across a range of sectors and communities