Fair Work convention in Scottish Campuses

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2019 Higher Education Service Group Conference
20 September 2018

Conference recognises that there is a commonality in the Scottish Higher Education system which has now been acknowledged by the Scottish Trade Unions (STUC), National Union of Students (NUS) Scotland and Universities Scotland with the creation of a forum where representatives from all three bodies meet to discuss issues of common interest.

Scottish Higher Education is in a unique situation in relation to the attention and support received from Scottish Government policies, particularly in relation to its commitment to investment and reform of the student support system, changes to governance legislation and the development of the Fair Work Convention / Developing Scotland’s Workforce.

Conference believes that it is time for the harmonisation of the terms and conditions for staff within the sector working in Scotland. While the creation of the STUC / NUS / Universities Scotland forum is a positive step forward it does not go far enough as it will not be able to directly tackle issues related to terms and conditions.

Conference therefore calls upon the Higher Education Service Group Executive to press the Universities & Colleges Employers Association (UCEA), and Scottish Government, for a commitment to work in the Scottish sector to promote the best employment terms and conditions for Scottish Universities.

This will:

1)Promote fairness and equality in terms and conditions for all Higher Education sector members in Scotland.

2)Amalgamate the best practices from each establishment to ensure a “gold standard” in relation to the recognised policies e.g. the working week, annual leave entitlement, sickness policy.

3)Ensure that members, and their interests, are recognised as an intrinsic and important part of developing Scottish University objectives which seek to enhance and support students studying within our establishments.

4)Allow focus and debate in an open and dedicated forum to enhance partnership working.