Boosting our campaign for fair pay

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2019 Higher Education Service Group Conference
20 September 2018

This conference will likely agree our union’s approach to pay negotiations for the coming year. Whatever the finer detail of our pay claim, if we are to be effective in making our demands, we need to place ordinary UNISON members and Higher Education workers at the centre of our campaign.

From the very start of this year’s pay campaign, we should aim to inform members of the issues and enable activists to run a lively and effective campaign.

This conference instructs the Higher Education Service Group Executive to:

1)Produce briefings of the key facts and issues of the campaign and to provide this to branches along with infographics and visual materials that can be used on social media and newsletters.

2)Issue case studies/examples that can be used to demonstrate and humanise campaign material.

3)Work with the National Union of Students (NUS) and our sister Higher Education unions to produce joint publicity.

4)Work with Regions to support the running of regional activist workshops as part of the pay campaign to help spread good practice and to further inform future publicity and campaign events.

5)Work with Regions to support the provision of organiser/fighting funds and organiser support for building participation in the campaign and in any industrial action ballots through leafleting sessions and workplace meetings, focussing particularly on regions and branches which have had historically low turnout in industrial action ballots.

6)In the event that industrial action is taken as part of the campaign, coordinate with the NUS and our sister unions to hold protests, rallies, and events in the run up to and on the day of industrial action (all organised in line with the law and UNISON rules, of course). Events should incorporate other elements of our campaigns, such as campaigning for free education, against excessive VC pay etc. (as per conference policy).

7)Work with Labour Link with a view of gaining support for our campaign from the Labour Party.