Recruitment in Outsourced Employers

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2019 Energy Service Group Conference
22 February 2019

Conference is concerned at the rapid and consistent drop in membership numbers being experienced in some branches.

Conference believes that this is in part due to frequent voluntary severance exercises and people not being replaced when they retire.

However, it must be noted that much of this is due to the fact that many Energy companies are increasingly making use of outsourced suppliers in order to make savings.

It is the case that many of these employees in outsourced employers join UNISON online and look for representation and that this poses a problem for branches as we do not have recognition with the employers concerned and are therefore unable to represent the members.

Conference believes that there is huge potential for recruitment in these outsourced employers, whilst recognising that the correct arrangements would have to be in place to enable this to happen.

Therefore Conference instructs the Energy Service Group Executive to work with the appropriate parties within UNISON to look at the possibility of setting up recognition with outsourced employers who operate in the industry with a view to providing guidance to Energy Branches on how to proceed to start a recruitment initiative in these employers and grow the union.