WET e-learning – is it up to the Job?

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2018 Water, Environment & Transport Conference
23 February 2018

Quality training and development is important to our members. Yorkshire Water recently closed its training centre in favour of pushing more e-learning onto desktop PCs in the workplace.

The list of benefits to WET companies is endless. Massive cost savings are achieved by closing training centres, no course materials, no travel time, less work disruption and cover arrangements etc.

As e-learning is only set to expand within our sector, it is important that the health, safety and wellbeing of our members is considered.

In this motion, conference is asking the Service Group Executive to produce a basic guide or check list that would assist branches in their discussion with employers. The guide or check list may include some of the following:

a. That WET companies have conducted an analysis to determine the right training delivery method (Classroom V E-learning) before making changes.

b. That employers have considered the specialized learning needs of their workforce and have responded.

c. For those employees covered under the Equality Act reasonable adjustments have been put in place.

d. That due diligence in assessing the Quality and effectiveness of Training has been carried out.

e. That E-learning providers are the best in their speciality and that legal requirements are met.

f. Challenging that technology is implemented in a structured and reasoned manner and never for technology’s sake.

g. That reporting tools, output by the e-learning programme, are not used unfairly against members.

h. To push employers to re-invest savings back into more training and development of their workforce. It is estimated that companies can save anything from 30% – 70% of their training budgets.

i. That appropriate learning environments are available. Noisy and busy offices with interruptions are not the right place.

j. That policies are in place to ensure reviews of e-learning are jointly undertaken by the company and union.