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2018 National Retired Members Conference
30 May 2018
Carried as Amended

This conference instructs the National Retired Members’ Committee (NRMC) and calls upon the National Executive Council (NEC) to raise awareness, by any means at their disposal, to the pending threat of the removal of the Post Office Card Account (POCA).

This account is used by thousands of pensioners and less able people as a safe and convenient way of getting cash on which to live. Many older people do not, and some do not wish to have, a bank account. They do need cash in hand.

The Government extended the Post Office Account contract until at least 2021 and Steve Webb, who was at that time the Pensions’ Minister (2014) said “how important the POCA was to sub-Postmasters’ and he was delighted that the contract would secure their future”.

Although virtually all banks now have arrangements at the Post Office Counters there are still a significant number of pensioners who do not have a bank account to access.

The withdrawal of the “Card Account” would undoubtedly distress elderly and vulnerable people particularly those who live in rural areas.

We request that all necessary measures be taken by the NRMC, the NEC and other Pensioner Agencies to make representations to the Government to seek withdrawal of the pending proposals to terminate the Post Office Card Account. To force transfer to a bank is not acceptable.