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2018 National LGBT Conference
27 July 2018

That this conference calls upon The National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) to continue to apply pressure in any way legally possible to make full equal marriage a reality in all areas of the United Kingdom (UK).

This will include continued pressure by the National LGBT Committee on Westminster and Stormont (if appropriate) to legislate on the extension of equal marriage to Northern Ireland where LGBT people are still denied their basic human right to be able to marry who they choose. This will provide long-awaited marriage equality in Northern Ireland, remove the last remnants of marriage inequality from the island of Ireland and finally provide recognition of same-sex couples who have been legally married in other parts of the UK.

Conference welcomes a recent Northern Irish poll, reported by the TUC found 75% of the Northern Irish community agree with the proposed law change. This inequality within the UK cannot be allowed to continue.

The National LGBT Conference urges the National LGBT Committee to:

1. Continue to support campaigns such as Love Equality (

2. Work with Labour Link and the National Executive Council as appropriate to campaign for equal marriage legislation to be enacted in Northern Ireland