Keeping on a campaign footing

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2018 Higher Education Service Group Conference
21 September 2017

Conference notes and very much welcomes the fact that not only did the Labour Party stand in the last election with policies very much in keeping with many of those set by our members at numerous UNISON conferences, but that those policies proved to be very popular. The future removal of a Tory government now seems possible and our policies may directly influence future government policies. Regardless, the parameters of public debate have now been widened and it is up to us to keep pushing.

Conference believes it is essential that we keep on the front foot and campaign for an education system that provides good pay and conditions for our members whilst benefiting society and being a force for social good. With this in mind, Conference believes it is time to set out our stall and start to actively campaign for a future Higher Education sector that is fundamentally transformed.

Conference calls on the Higher Education Service Group Executive to

1)Urgently conduct a national survey to gain members’ ideas and insights about how the future of Higher Education could look, including ideas on how Higher Education institutions should be structured, governed and run, how pay should be decided, etc.

2)Use this data and combine it with existing positions set by this and previous conference decisions, along with research and guidance by UNISON staff, in order to draw up a ten-point plan of action for the future of Higher Education. Each demand or vision should be backed up with an illustrative example of how it could be achieved.

3)To consult with branches over the draft of this plan, and for the final version to be amendable by future Higher Education conferences.

4)Seek publicity and exposure for the demands nationally and encourage local activities to use the plan for further membership engagement within branches.

5)Present our ten-point plan to the leadership of all main political parties and publicise their response.

6)Work with the Labour Link to ensure that our views continue to be transmitted within the Labour Party via all appropriate channels.