Higher Education Role Analysis (HERA)

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2018 Higher Education Service Group Conference
21 September 2017

Conference notes that it has been some years since HERA was introduced as the tool for role analysis in the majority of UK universities as part of the National Framework Agreement. As part of that many UNISON activists were trained and accredited as HERA Role Analysts to support members wishing to have their roles evaluated, remunerated correctly for work undertaken and often to assist in the correct scoring of new roles in partnership with employers.

It is important that as activists retire or move on that we replenish and refresh our pool of analysts and reps with an understanding of HERA, in order that we are able to advise members on issues around their roles and regrading.

We call on the Higher Education Service Group Executive to undertake the following:

1)Update and reissue UNISON’s guidance around HERA and/or other role analysis schemes in place in HE for Activists and Members.

2)Request that Regional HE Service Groups review how many trained and active role analysts they have in each branch and take action that is appropriate to address any issues.