Flexible working

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2018 Energy Service Group Conference
14 February 2018
Carried as Amended

Conference notes that the right to request flexible working was extended to all employees in 2014.

However, the experience of reps and members within the energy sector is that many employers are only prepared to agree to flexible working patterns for certain groups of staff, and then only on limited terms.

Further, new shift working patterns are being introduced which involve late night and weekend working, impacting adversely on members’ home lives and caring responsibilities.

Conference notes that employers are required to give serious consideration to any request for flexible working; can only reject such a request for specific business reasons; and that the employee has the right to appeal against refusal to grant the request.

Where an employer does not have a flexible working policy, branches should be encouraged to negotiate one using the model flexible working policy. Where an employer does have a flexible working policy in place, however not sufficiently robust, branches should be encouraged to negotiate stronger flexible working provisions.

Conference calls upon the Service Group Executive to share good practice and model flexible working policies and to issue updated guidance to branches on:

1. The right to request process;

2. The factors to be considered in making such a request;

3. How to appeal against refusal of a request.