UNISON Pay Campaign and the Community Service Group

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2018 Community Service Group Conference
20 October 2017

Community Conference welcomes the new UNISON wide pay campaign called “Pay Up Now“ which seeks to put pressure on the government to end public spending austerity which has proved so disastrous for public services in recent years.

Community Conference supports the campaign objectives which are to:

a. Put an end to the pay cap

b. Ensure government money made available for an immediate pay rise for all public sector workers

c. Put an end to government interference in bargaining arrangements for all public sector pay.

Conference believes it is important that the campaign recognises the impact which austerity has had on workers in the care sector. Many employers in Community use the pay increases in the public sector as a guide to their own stance on annual pay rises. Also, the funding of public sector contracts taken up by Community employers are often funded on the assumption that pay and terms and conditions of work will be driven down.

Conference calls on the Community Service Group Executive to:

1. Liaise with the NEC to ensure the “Pay Up Now“ pay campaign includes detail and language which will also appeal to UNISON members, and potential members, working in the Community.

2. Consult with UNISON members in Community on the impact of long-term pay austerity in the sector and feed this information into the “Pay Up Now” campaign.

3. Produce materials from the campaign adapted for the Community Sector, and distribute them to Community activists and Members.