Defending the safety of our members in Transport

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2017 Water, Environment & Transport Conference
21 February 2017

This Conference believes that the failure to develop a safe, affordable and reliable integrated transport system means that not only is the UK adversely affected economically, but it also leads to unsafe working conditions for our members.

This Conference believes that as well as commercial pressures to cut costs, the customer experience is often extremely poor as services are either over-crowded, delayed, or cancelled. Frustration at poor service levels can be manifested in violent language or behaviour being directed at staff. Transport staff may be especially susceptible to experiencing such anti-social and criminal behaviour, particularly where they are in a lone-working situation. Anecdotal evidence suggests that young workers are also disproportionately likely to be subject to such behaviours.

This Conference believes that negotiating for and winning a safe workplace is an essential demand and that our members in the transport industry deserve the protection of the union.

This Conference calls on the service group executive to conduct a health and safety survey of all transport members to identify key issues for a campaign to support this issue as a priority through the relevant bargaining arrangements.