Activity-Based Budgeting

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2017 National Delegate Conference
26 February 2017

Conference welcomes Motion 121 passed at National Delegate Conference 2016.

It notes that Motion 121 was intended to introduce a new process of activity-based budgeting, which would meet branch needs by facilitating funding for the activity required for branches to be successful in meeting the union’s objectives.

Motion 121 acknowledged the vital role branches play in supporting members and affirmed the union’s commitment to the retention formula. Motion 121 sought through activity-based budgeting to build on the retention formula, the bedrock of branch funding, whilst taking into account that the retention formula does not provide a growing number of branches with the resources they require to meet the complex and ever-growing needs of members.

Conference supports that approach.

However, Conference also notes that activity-based budgeting has not yet been implemented in a way consistent with Motion 121 passed at National Delegate Conference 2016.

Conference notes delays in the provision of training.

Conference also notes that the system of activity-based budgeting has not been rolled out in time for the start of the UNISON financial year.

Conference further notes the lack of clarity about both the budgeting process and the funding it will release for branches.

Since Motion 121 was passed, UNISON has sought to introduce an entirely new formulation for activity-based budget ‘top-ups’, not provided for within the content of Motion 121. The effect of this, if put into practice, will be to negate the principles of activity-based budgeting and to only provide a fraction of the funding some branches have budgeted for to meet the objectives of the union in 2017.

Conference believes these recent developments in activity-based budgeting are unwelcome and will not strengthen branches in the ways anticipated.

Conference therefore calls upon the National Executive Council to ensure that Motion 121 is implemented as passed by National Delegate Conference 2016.