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2017 Local Government Service Group Conference
14 February 2017

Conference notes the dramatic changes that have take place in housing policy and provision in the last 30 years and those presaged by the Housing White Paper.

Conference further notes the significance of housing costs and affordability and their impact on living standards, the ability to live near the workplace and the economic, environmental and social consequences.

Conference further notes that the Tory government was forced into a number of significant concessions on the Housing Bill, including their manifesto commitment to Pay to Stay, as a result of broad campaigning by Axe the Housing Act and others, supported by UNISON and a significant number of trade unions, councillors and local authorities.

Conference asks the service group executive to work with policy and public affairs and the community SGE to:

1) Examine the impact these changes have had, and will have, on the public and social housing workforce with specific reference to terms and conditions, job roles, training and skills, and to develop recommendations for the changes that are needed for the next 30 years;

2) Examine the impact of housing costs and affordability on the public sector workforce and the implications for the delivery of public services, the economy, the environment and other social consequences;

3) Continue to contribute to the development of an alternative manifesto for housing such as the Autumn Statement for Homes.