Sustainability and Transformation Plans

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2017 Health Care Service Group Conference
15 December 2016

Conference is hugely concerned that the plans by NHS England to develop Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) have to date had no local involvement of the key groups and stakeholders who will be affected by these plans.

Local politicians, trade unions and more importantly local communities have been excluded from all discussions and initial consultations on the Plans which NHS England expects to be finalised and approved in early 2017.

While STPs may well create opportunities for improved health care there is a real concern that these will be used to close the NHS funding gap and site closures, shared services and mergers could be the outcome.

In the Northern region we have structures in place via our UNISON Branch Area Forums and Area Public Service Alliance Groups to discuss these developments, and to encourage the participation of our lay people to influence the key decision makers. This work also carries through to our Labour Link work with local Politicians.

This Conference calls on the Service Group Executive to call on NHS England and the STP to commit to an open and transparent engagement with the all stakeholders in the community along with the appropriate trade unions and that a revised realistic timescale for consultation is introduced.