Energy Conference and Energy Branch Seminar

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2017 Energy Service Group Conference
16 February 2017

Conference notes the importance of the two main events in the Energy Service Group year – namely our Annual Conference and our Annual Branch Seminar. Both of these events are occasions of interaction and learning for our activists and also an occasion to recharge the batteries of our enthusiasm.

However, it has been noticeable over recent years that our Energy Conference is not as well attended as it could be and that there has been a decline in the amount of material on the agenda.

It has also been noticeable that the opposite is the case with the Branch Seminar which is always well attended and of great interest because of the many and varied topics up for discussion.

In the current economic climate and with the recent decrease in membership numbers it is not surprising that some branches may be finding it difficult to send adequate delegations to both events and that this results in some promising activists missing out on a great learning and networking opportunity.

Conference therefore instructs the National Service Group Executive to investigate the possibility of merging the Energy Conference and the Energy Branch Seminar in to one event over several days (in much the same way as the Police and Justice Service Group have successfully done for several years). This should be done keeping in mind the separate policy making nature of the Conference element.

Conference instructs the Energy Service Group Executive to report back to the 2018 conference with a view to putting the proposal into action by late 2019.