Securing Adequate Funding for Flood Defences

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2016 Water, Environment & Transport Service Group
11 February 2016

WET Conference 2016 will remember the devastation caused by floods in late 2015 in Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire in particular which had a devastating effect on the general public including many UNISON members both as employees and victims of the floods.

Inadequate resources by this Tory Government have played a major part in flood defences not being “up to the job” for which they were intended in many places which can’t continue. The lack of Government resources has adversely impacted on the job and/or working conditions of UNISON members in the Environment Agency.

Conference asks the Executive to request a meeting with the appropriate Minister as soon as is practicable to try to ensure proper provision is restored as a priority and to campaign by all means necessary to ensure a future Labour Government has this subject high on their policy agenda. Conference also asks the Executive to work with Labour Link to ensure a future Labour Government adequately funds flood defences in future.