Protecting Pensions in the Water Industry

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2016 Water, Environment & Transport Service Group
11 February 2016
Carried as Amended

This WET Conference notes that adverse changes have recently occurred to defined benefit (final salary) pension schemes in Severn Trent, Dwr Cymru, Northumbria Water and United Utilities as a minimum.

The Water Industry has been a licence to make money since privatisation in 1989 when Thatcher wrote off all the debts and remains a monopolised industry despite the mooted advent of separation between Wholesale and Retail.

Long serving employees, many of them UNISON members have given many years and in some cases a lifetime’s service to the Water Industry and deserve a decent pension on retirement.

WET Conference congratulates the Unions in United Utilities in organising industrial action in response to wholly unnecessary changes put forward by the employer culminating in the threatened closure of the D B scheme.

UNISON has to stop this race to the bottom when it comes to pensions and asks the Executive to organise a seminar in the winter of 2016 to cover lessons learned from disputes to encourage others who may be affected in organising against such proposals.