Continuing to increase the participation of Black members in WET

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2016 Water, Environment & Transport Service Group
1 March 2016

Conference notes the resolution from last year’s WET conference to look at increasing Black member participation in the service group. When looking at measurements of engagement such as representation on branch and national committees and attendance at service group and Black members’ conferences the activism levels of Black members in WET remains an area of concern.

Last year the conference resolved to undertake a mapping exercise to better identify the representation and engagement levels of Black members in the WET service group and further to identify how many branches have Black members self-organised groups.

UNISON is committed to achieving equality for all and one of the ways the union promotes equality is through self-organisation. Self-organisation brings together members from certain groups that face discrimination and helps the union identify and challenge discrimination and build equality.

Conference commends the work in other service groups and regions in the union that have seen branches come together to organise regional or geographical cluster groups for Black members where individually union membership has been persistently low and it has been more challenging to organise.

Conference therefore asks the WET Service Group Executive Committee to look at utilising this good practice to support WET branch Black member self organisation by:

1. utilising the mapping information collected last year to identify areas where Black members from various branches with low levels of Black membership can come together in cluster meetings where geographically possible

2. working with regions to facilitate these meetings and ensure that they are properly resourced

3. reporting on this progress at the next National WET conference in 2017