Volunteers – Policing on the Cheap

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2016 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
15 June 2016
Carried as Amended

Conference welcomes and commends the work done by the Service Group Executive over recent years to oppose volunteers as a replacement for the committed, experienced, well trained and accountable police staff lost due to the brutal budget cuts imposed since 2010.

While the introduction of volunteers has not been consistent throughout all forces, what is evident is the Home Secretary’s belief that volunteers should not only be used as a staff replacement but they should also be given more powers than existing police staff.

Conference recognises some Chief Constables will see this as a cost cutting opportunity resulting in the loss of yet more police staff jobs regardless of the gamble this would be with the safety of the public.

Conference therefore calls upon the Service Group Executive to:

(i) Continue to highlight the threat of volunteers and oppose the introduction of powers to police staff volunteers.

(ii) Work with the College of Policing to try and limit the scope of volunteers with the introduction of recognised roles and standards.

(iii) Work with the Labour Police Crime Commissioners to lobby the Home Office on the serious risks to public confidence in the police if work that requires trained and accountable staff is handed over to volunteers.