Survey of branches and members – disability related matters

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2016 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
15 June 2016
Carried as Amended

Conference, in years past much welcomed legislation has been introduced to protect the rights of people with disabilities, including protections relating to work.

Despite that, it is possible that these supportive words don’t always translate to the workplace, resulting in our colleagues who are disabled being treated inappropriately or less favourably.

Others who witness such behaviours may be deterred from declaring their own health or disability issues.

Whilst we recognise that people of all ages can have disabilities we will, in the future , have an increasingly older workforce because of the changes to pensions regulations and other financial pressures, and these people may well be diagnosed with conditions covered by the Equality Act 2010 .

Those of our colleagues who are employed in frontline roles, for example the PCSO or Detention Officer could find that their disability renders them unable to fulfil the full duties of their role, leaving them at risk of being dismissed on the grounds of capability .

The Windsor review included provision for police officers who find themselves unable to fulfil the role of Constable, albeit with financial penalties, but there is no such protection for police staff .

This motion calls upon the Service Group Executive to survey members and branches to find out:

1)about the experiences of disabled staff in forces;

2)any good practice;

3)what work needs to be done to eradicate problems and to improve equality;

4)and to collate and publish the findings of the survey by September 2017