Police & Justice Constitution

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2016 Police & Justice Service Group Conference
16 June 2016

This Conference agrees to update the Police & Justice Constitution to reflect that Conference in 2015 did not support a proposal to introduce direct elections for sector committees.

Conference therefore agrees the following amendments to the current Constitution

In Section 3 Sector Committee, 3.1 Delete

“recognising that currently, in accordance with Rule 3.7.3, any sector committee established shall be indirectly elected according to the scheme of representation determined by the Service Group for the sector in question.”

In Section 3.2 Police Staff Sector Committee (England and Wales)

Paragraph 1, delete “either” and insert “indirectly by regional police staff sector committees.”


“3.2.1 Indirectly elected by regional police staff sector committees (current arrangements)


3.2.2 Directly by members of the sector in each region. (This option would require a rule change to allow direct elections to National Sector Committees.)”

In Section 3.4 Police Staff Sector Committee (Scotland)

Delete all existing text under the title and insert:

“The Police Staff Sector Committee (Scotland) will have 14 members. In addition, the Secretary and Chair of the Regional Service Group will be members.”