Schools Funding

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2016 Local Government Service Group Conference
26 February 2016
Carried as Amended

This Conference notes:

1)The proposal included in the Comprehensive Spending Review to create a single national funding formula for schools in England;

2)That this could cut funding for schools in cities and metropolitan areas in particular by as much as 20%;

3)Support staff, who make up 1 in 3 of workers organised within the local government service group are likely to bear the brunt of any resulting cuts;

4)Investment in education in many inner cities has been a considerable success story across the last two decades. In London for example the London Challenge has seen a spectacular improvement in outcomes for children from a diverse range of backgrounds. This should provide a model for improving education more widely;

5)We fully support increased funding where it is required for other parts of the country but this should be based on increasing investment in schools not cutting funding in London and metropolitan areas;

This local government service group resolves:

a)To work alongside teaching and other education unions, parents, education campaigners and local authorities to campaign to defend education by resisting drastic reductions to existing funding;

b)To campaign for a funding formula that continues to recognise the diverse needs of schools populations, acknowledges the real educational successes investment has enabled, especially for children from communities where achievement was previously amongst the lowest in the country, and brings funding across the country up to a level that allows that success to be replicated.