Revitalisation of Job Evaluation

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2016 Health Care Service Group Conference
18 December 2015
Carried as Amended

Conference notes that since the introduction of AFC in 2004 UNISON members have benefitted from the implementation of a common set of terms and conditions and equality proofed grading structure.

The system of job evaluation implemented alongside AFC was delivered in partnership and implemented with employers and trade unions working together to ensure fairness and equality.

Increasingly job evaluation of posts is a singular exercise undertaken by employers with the resulting impact of down grading of posts particularly in Bands 1-4.

As a result of both trade union and employer turn-over the numbers of staff /trade union representatives trained in job evaluation has diminished.

The resulting effect has been the introduction of private companies undertaking the role.

On occasions this has provided less preferential outcomes for our members.

Health conference calls upon the SGE to:

1)Implement a review of the job evaluation process ,

2)To raise the issue of job evaluation nationally with NHS employers ,and to agree with the employers an action plan to reintroduce a joint partnership approach to job evaluation

3)To reintroduce joint JE training to be made available to all UNISON representatives /NHS employers.

4)To survey branches in order to analyse data from job evaluation exercises