‘No’ to 1 per cent for the next four years.

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2016 Health Care Service Group Conference
18 December 2015

Conference notes that with the re-election of the Tories, health minister hunt has announced that for the next four years health workers in the NHS will have their pay restricted to a maximumum of 1 per cent a year. To achieve more than a 1 per cent rise for the lowest paid means other health professionals will receive less.

Conference believes that 1 per cent is not enough for either the lowest paid health worker or those that earn more. We believe that this is an attempt to divide the workforce and split any effective collective action that Unison health members might wish to take.

We recognise that as part of this year’s pay evidence Unison health negotiators put in evidence that supported last year’s conference position of an increase of £1 an hour and a minimum living wage of £10 per hour.

Conference believes that such an approach unites the lowest paid health worker with those with higher earnings and should be the starting point for any future negotiations to reclaim what we have lost over the past few years.

Conference therefore calls upon conference to support existing conference policy of a £10 per hour living wage demand for our lowest paid members and for a demand of an increase of a £1 an hour in wage rates for our cost of living increase next year, whichever is the greater pay uplift.

Conference requests that the SGE:

1)puts out a press release following conference that this motion has been passed and that we will be campaigning on this

2)Publicise the content of this motion and demands in it, straight after conference in all the mediums Unison uses, including emails, web newsletters, activist bulletins etc

3)sends a letter to the health minister to state that health workers have had enough of low pay and below cost of living pay rises to pay for austerity and will be campaigning for £10 an hour living wage and £1 an hour cost of living uplift, whichever is greater, for health staff.