NHS Pay Determination and Devolution

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2016 Health Care Service Group Conference
3 December 2015

Conference welcomes the decision taken by UNISON Health Conference in 2015 which acknowledged that responsibility for determining NHS pay is a devolved function.

Devolution however does not mean that UNISON is anything other than wholly committed to improving pay in the NHS across all of the four countries in the UK.

It is unacceptable in the view of this Conference that an NHS worker in Newcastle should earn, for example, £351 less at Band One and £282 less at Band Five at March 30th 2016 than an NHS worker in Glasgow, doing an identical job, with the same level of knowledge, skills and experience.

This Conference therefore welcomes pay advancements made by UNISON in the NHS in any and all of the four nations of the UK and would take any advancement in any one country over and above that of the others as the minimum starting point in each of the four countries as the starting point for negotiations in each of the four countries for the next year of pay talks.